Biden’s Energy Secretary Says ‘Yes,’ Americans Will Pay More to Heat Their Homes This Winter

"This is going to happen. It will be more expensive this year than last year," she says.

Image Credits: screenshot/CNN.

Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admitted Sunday that Americans will be paying more to heat their homes this winter due to soaring fuel costs.

CNN”s Dana Bash asked her: “Should Americans — it will likely be a cold winter, most of them are, expect to pay higher prices for heating their homes?”

Granholm immediately said “yes” but Americans should be grateful because Europeans will be paying much more.

“Yes. This is going to happen. It will be more expensive this year than last year,” Granholm confessed. “We are in a slightly beneficial position, certainly relative to Europe, because their chokehold of natural gas is significant. They’ll pay five times higher.”

Granholm blamed the rising fuel costs on energy companies not “flipping the switch” rather than Biden’s administration shutting down domestic energy production.

“We have the same problem in fuels that the supply chains have, which is that the oil and gas companies are not flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires.”

“So that’s why the president has been focused on both the immediate term and the long-term. Let us get off of the volatility associated with fossil fuels and associated with others who don’t have our country’s interests at heart and invest in moving to clean energy where we will not have this problem, and that’s so much of what the two bills are focused on.”

This comes just days after Granholm burst into laughter and blamed OPEC when asked if America would ever ramp up oil production to offset the skyrocketing costs.

“That is hilarious!” she cackled during a Bloomberg interview on Friday. “Would that I had a magic wand on this. As you know, of course, oil is a global market, it is controlled by a cartel. That cartel is called OPEC and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning.”

Despite attempts to blame OPEC, fuel and energy costs began rising immediately after Biden captured the White House due to several executive orders and policy directives.

For example, Biden cancelled the XL Keystone Pipeline the day that he was sworn in.

He also halted new oil and gas production on federal land and offshore, and directed government agencies to work toward eliminating fossil fuel subsidies by fiscal year 2022.

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