Biden’s White House Now Asks for Your Pronouns

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The White House website now asks users for their preferred pronouns, visitors to the site discovered on Inauguration Day.

After president Trump completed the peaceful transfer of power to the Biden administration, an eager SJW IT staffer altered the White House’s contact form to now include a field that asks for one’s pronouns.

Under the Trump administration, the “Contact the White House” form on the White House website was standard, merely asking for a person’s name and address, and their concerns, according to archived snapshots.

However, in less than a day the new administration has already altered the site in a show of allegiance to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Upon being sworn in, the Biden team also removed President Trump’s 1776 Project from the website, which outlined an educational curriculum celebrating the nation’s history.

On a somewhat hilarious note, the URL now redirects to

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