Biden’s Win in South Carolina Exceeds Expectations Ahead of Super Tuesday Contest

30-point lead over distant 2nd-place finisher Bernie Sanders ended campaigns of Steyer and Buttigieg, and put Klobuchar on the ropes

Image Credits: Scott Olson/Getty Images.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory in South Carolina on Saturday — called “thundering” by the AP, “decisive” by the New York Times and a “runaway victory” by the Wall Street Journal — accomplished many things, including breathing new life into his stumbling, bumbling run for the roses in Milwaukee in July.

His 30-point lead over distant second-place finisher Bernie Sanders ended the campaigns of Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg, while putting Amy Klobuchar’s campaign on the ropes. Biden won every county, obtaining nearly 50 percent of the total votes cast, compared to just 20 percent captured by Sanders. Biden enjoyed support from nearly two of every three black voters who make up almost 60 percent of the state’s Democrat voters. Elizabeth Warren came in at just seven percent, Klobuchar at three percent, and Tulsi Gabbard at one percent.

More importantly Biden’s win on Saturday severely dented the momentum being enjoyed by Bernie Sanders and put into serious question whether Super Tuesday would enable the Sanders campaign to regain its previous “runaway train to Milwaukee.”

Sanders’ campaign is also likely to suffer from those voters who were supporting Steyer and Buttigieg moving to Biden’s camp, further eating into his advantage.

It also confirmed the long Bloomberg strategy of disrupting the Democrat Party’s campaign to the point where no single candidate has enough delegates to secure a win on the first ballot in Milwaukee, therby putting all the delegates up for grabs on the second ballot. Bloomberg will be, for the first time since he announced back in November, on the ballot of the 14 states holding primaries or caucuses on Tuesday, further cutting into Sanders’ advantage.

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