BIG LIE: Joe Biden Says $4 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Has ‘Overwhelming Bipartisan Support’ — Not A Single Republican Supports It

Biden also claimed that Americans making under $400,000 a year "will not pay a single penny in taxes."

Image Credits: Pool / Pool / Getty.

Joe Biden falsely claimed that his far-left $4 trillion so-called “infrastructure” proposal has “overwhelming bipartisan support” despite the fact not a single Republican lawmaker supports it.

Speaking in southern Virginia on Monday for his “Getting America Back on Track” tour, Biden made several false claims during his shaky speech, including that his socialist giveaway disguised as an infrastructure bill has “overwhelming” bipartisan support.

“The good news is I think there’s overwhelming bipartisan support for this,” Biden said. “Look at the polling data. Republican voters overwhelmingly support it. Now we just gotta get some of our Republican colleagues to support it.”

The last two radical bills Democrats rammed through the House and Senate were passed without a single Republican vote.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) contradicted Biden on Monday, saying that no Republican will support Biden’s radical bill.

“I think I can pretty safely say none of my Republican colleagues are going to support a $4.1 trillion infrastructure package, only part of which is for infrastructure,” McConnell said.

“If it’s going to be about infrastructure, let’s make it about infrastructure. And I think there’s some sentiment on the Democratic side for splitting it off,” he added.

In another bizarre lie, Biden also said that individuals making less than $400,000 annually won’t “pay a single penny in taxes.”

Since the media is now in open lockstep with Biden’s White House, Biden has license to spout any lie he wants with impunity and without political consequences.

It has been a long week for old Joe, who miraculously ended his week with an embarrassing dementia-riddled breakdown of the administration’s inevitable mishandling of Amtrak.