“Big Mike” Trending on Twitter as Americans Reject Pro-Transgender Push from Major Corporations

"Fact-checkers" attempt to shut down radio host for calling out Michelle Obama's "flailing nutsack."

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

In the midst of corporations sacrificing their customers to promote transgenderism, the “Big Mike” meme is making a comeback on social media by many who can’t ignore glaring masculine details of the former First Spouse Michelle Obama.

The resurgence of Big-Mike-Truthers came after radio host Stew Peters tweeted a popular video of Michelle dancing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Despite being “fact-checked” by Twitter, Peters doubled down:

“Try harder @CommunityNotes,” said Peters. “Clearly the video has been edited to zoom in on Michelle’s flailing nutsack.”

Denizens of Twitter are currently contributing to the message:

Notably, the original surge of observant citizens came shortly after actress Joan Rivers infamously said Michelle is a “tranny” back in 2014.

“We already have [a gay president] with Obama,” said Rivers to a paparazzi. “You KNOW Michelle is a tranny.”

“A transgender, everyone knows it.”

Weeks after her comments went viral, Rivers died from serious complications she endured from a minor procedure at an outpatient clinic in Manhattan. 

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