Bike Store Cancels Contract With Austin Bike Police After ‘Woke’ Employees Complain

Image Credits: Facebook/Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop.

A bike store in Austin, Texas has cancelled its contract with the Austin Police bike patrol unit after three ‘woke’ employees complained that the bikes were being used for crowd control during Black Lives Matter protests.

In a Facebook post, Christopher Carlisle explains how for eight years he maintained a contractual relationship with Mellow Johnny’s Bike store in downtown Austin to provide bikes and other equipment for the Down Town Area Command (DTAC) Bike Patrol and the Bicycle Public Order Team.

Now thanks to the last two months of BLM social justice protests in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, that relationship is apparently over.

“Today I received a call the sales manager I have worked with for years at MJ’S, he informed me that they have three employees who work for them that are complaining about providing bikes to the police department in this time of social unrest in protest and disturbances,” writes Carlisle.

“They stated to ownership that they did not like the fact that we use bicycles to help us manage crowds and crowd movement.”

Carlisle asserts that the store caved in to the woke employees by canceling the contact with Austin police that had four years left to run, “because three employees do not like police officers and did not like us in the store.”

The APD had been purchasing around 50 TREK police bikes a year as part of the agreement, meaning the amount of income the store is sacrificing in order to satiate its leftist staffers is reasonably substantial.

Tim Enlow responded to the news by posting, “That is their absolute right as business owners. It’s also every citizen’s right to decide to take their bicycle business elsewhere,” calling for a boycott of the store.


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