Bill Clinton Rape Accuser Slams ‘Double Standard’ Amid Kavanaugh Hearing

Says Dems refused to read deposition detailing rape allegations against former president

The woman who accused former President Bill Clinton of rape highlighted Democrats’ double standard Thursday in Washington, where hearings over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are ongoing.

Juanita Broaddrick attended a rally in support of Kavanaugh outside the senate building where his hearing is taking place, slamming Democrats for entertaining Christine Blasey Ford’s decades-old allegations, but not her own.

Broaddrick argues Blasey Ford’s claims have little to no corroborating evidence, while her rape accusations against Clinton were supported by several witnesses.

Broaddrick told Fox News her case was more credible “Because Dr. Ford has no evidence, I had the who, what, when, where and how and had five people that I told, not even counting the woman who found me 30 minutes after the rape with a swollen busted lip, torn clothes and in a state of shock.”

The former nursing home administrator claims she had a non-consensual sexual encounter with Clinton inside her room at the Camelot Hotel in Little Rock amid his 1978 gubernatorial campaign.

Broaddrick told The Gateway Pundit Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Chuckie Schumer had at one time refused to hear her allegations.

“Wouldn’t I love to go over there and talk to Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer and Sen. Durbin and say, ‘How can you be so two-faced? How in the world can you support such scanty, sketchy, vague allegations against Brett Kavanaugh when you wouldn’t even read my deposition about my rape by Bill Clinton?’ Henry Hyde said, ‘Please just read her deposition we’re not gonna bring her into the hearing but please just read it.’ and they refused. Not one Democrat would read my deposition.”

“How they can take these accusations and run with them, and laugh at mine for so many years is the biggest double standard I’ve ever seen,” Broaddrick added speaking to Fox. “It makes me angry that they left [Clinton] in office.”

Broaddrick, who alleges presidential loser Hillary Clinton once threatened her, says she gives little weight to Ford’s claims based on her lack of evidence.

“It’s not that I’ve decided, she hasn’t anything truly evidentiary to this point, how can she all of a sudden have something new to say today? She’s presented nothing.”

The Clinton rape accuser also highlighted Democrats only believe women if they’re not conservatives.

“All women are to be believed if they’re not conservatives and as long as the assault was not done by Democrats.”

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