Bill Maher: AG Barr ‘So Far Up Trump’s Ass He Bumped Into Hannity’

'We’re so f—-ed. I’m telling you, we’re so f—ed,' Maher says

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Late night comedian Bill Maher tore into Attorney General William Barr on Friday, accusing him of creating a “constitutional crisis” for his approach to the Mueller report release.

“We’re so f—-ed. I’m telling you, we’re so f—ed. Today, Venezuela put us on the travel advisory. If America were a summer blockbuster it would be Democracy: Endgame,” Baher said Friday on HBO’s “Real Time.”

“This week we found that Robert Mueller wrote more than one letter to the Attorney General — wink, wink– William Barr saying why did you mischaracterize what I wrote? And Barr responded, ‘Well, the report was my baby.’ My baby? I thought Republicans were against killing babies.”

“This Bill Barr is so far up Trump’s ass he bumped into Hannity,” Maher continued. “So Barr went before the Senate this week, on Wednesday, and the Democrats looked all so happy after they gave him a good grilling.”

“But I think they missed the big picture. Trump is still President and the big gotcha was they got Barr to commit perjury, which is apparently some old-timey law about lying being wrong.”

Maher’s remarks come after Barr testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesdsay, where he explained his rationale behind releasing his 4-page summary of the Mueller report several weeks before releasing the entire partially-redacted report.

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