Bill Maher Begs Trump To Take $1 Million Bribe To Resign From Office

Late night host knows Democrats can't defeat Trump in 2020

Image Credits: screenshot/MRC.

Late night comedian Bill Maher wrapped up his HBO show “Real Time” on Friday by pleading with President Trump to take $1 million cash bribe and resign from office.

Maher first claimed that Trump won’t leave office should he lose the 2020 election, saying, “I will bet you a million dollars right now that if you lose the 2020 election, I’m right and you won’t leave.”

But then Maher changed his mind because he believed that Trump wouldn’t “ever pony up even if he lost a bet.”

So then he just offered an outright bribe to President Trump.

“Just take my check for $1 million…I bet I could get another thousand people just from here to the beach, including Malibu…who would pay that much to see you resign,” he said.

Maher’s desperate offer suggests he doesn’t have much faith in the Democratic field to defeat Trump in 2020.

“It’s really very simple. You love money, we hate you,” Maher added. “Take the money…you could finally be the billionaire you always pretended you were.”

Notably, Trump chose not to accept a salary as president.

Maher then sneered that he could raise $1 billion from the likes of Hollywood and the entertainment industry to pay Trump to step down.

“Singers, actors, athletes; everyone f***ing hates you,” Maher seethed.

Someone should show Maher footage of Trump’s latest MAGA rally in Dallas, Texas, where over 20,000 people were in attendance, plus overflow of thousands outside the venue.

Of course, this image is likely why Maher is begging Trump on air to accept bribes to step down — the Democrats aren’t regularly pulling in massive crowd sizes like that.

Democrats, the Deep State, and the mainstream media are using their full capabilities trying to remove President Trump from office in a concerted coup because they know they cannot defeat him at the ballot box.