Bill Maher Rips Schiff Over Impeachment: ‘It Just Looks Like You’re Stalking’ Trump

'If you couldn’t impeach before, how are you going to impeach after?'

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Late night comedian Bill Maher tore into Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) on Friday over his insistence that President Trump colluded with Russia despite the Mueller report finding the opposite.

In a Friday appearance on HBO’s Real Time, Schiff assured Maher that Trump was “unfit for office,” and that Democrats would continue with their investigations into him.

But Maher shut him down.

“But this was our big gun. Now it just looks like you’re stalking him,” he said.

“I think in the eyes of the people who don’t follow it that closely, which is most of the country, here’s the thing about Bob Mueller: he’s the last thing in America that left and right agreed on. Left and right basically agreed, this is a guy of honor, this is an honest guy, an honest broker, whatever he says goes.”

“The fact that he was like ‘ummmm’ — If you couldn’t impeach before, how are you going to impeach after? Or should you?” Maher added.

Schiff then admitted that the results of the Mueller report weren’t enough to impeach Trump.

“I’m not there yet on impeachment,” he said. “I may get there, he may get me there.”

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