Bill Maher Tells Dems: Impeach Trump Or ‘Stop Talking About It’

'You're just making yourselves look weak,' he says

Image Credits: @RealTimers/Twitter.

HBO host Bill Maher lambasted the Democrat Party still divided over impeaching President Trump, telling them to get on with it or shut up about it.

During his Friday show “Real Time,” Maher said that Democrats needed to make up their mind about impeachment over their claims of a “constitutional crisis” related to Attorney General Barr refusing to break the law to provide the fully unredacted Mueller report.

“It’s a constitutional crisis,” Maher told his guest panel. “Democrats either do something or stop talking about it. Because I think you’re just making yourselves look weak.”

“You’re just making yourselves look like people who just talk and talk and don’t do anything.”

Despite the fact that several prominent Democrats have called Barr’s refusal to break the law a “constitutional crisis,” they’re leadership is nevertheless reluctant to bring forward articles of impeachment due to the political risks of doing so during election season.

Indeed, even staunch impeachment proponents like Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.) admitted that the only way to remove Trump is to vote him out of office in 2020.

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