Bill Maher Warns Democrats Against Another Brett Kavanaugh Smear Campaign

'They have polling on this. People did not like going after a guy for what he did in high school,' he says

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Liberal HBO host Bill Maher criticized Democrats for reviving their unsubstantiated smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and calling for his impeachment.

During his show “Real Time” on Friday, Maher warned of the “Kavanaugh effect,” the phenomenon that potentially cost Democrat senators in swing states their seats during the 2018 midterm elections.

“In the 2018 election, it looks like Democrats could’ve won Indiana, North Dakota, Florida, Missouri, and West Virginia. All five were home to Democratic senators running for election in tight races. Joe Manchin, the only one that voted for Kavanaugh, won. The other four lost,” Maher said.

“They have polling on this. People did not like going after a guy for what he did in high school. It looked bad, and now Democrats are talking about impeaching him again?” Maher asked his guest panel.

“We don’t have the votes [to impeach him.] And now we lost seats. Are we going to do it again?” Maher asked. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg said glowing things about him. I think he’s an asshole. I think he shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court … [but] what were you like when you were 17, you know?”

Several Democrat 2020 presidential candidates like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment after the New York Times ran a debunked story last week of another accuser claiming sexual misconduct by the Justice — only to acknowledge later that she had no recollection of such an act even taking place.

The leftist culture of lies meant to bring down Kavanaugh are starting to become their own undoing.