Billionaire Preps SJWs For Thanksgiving With Trump Impeachment Guide

Anti-Trump figurehead hopes to ruin family gatherings for many

Image Credits: Cindy Ord / Getty Images.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer is hoping fellow anti-Trumpers will educate themselves on reasons the president should be impeached in order to propagandize their friends and family during Thanksgiving gatherings., a website founded and funded by Steyer, has published a “collection of articles, videos, tweets, and other facts to keep on hand so you’re ready to educate about impeachment on Thanksgiving.”

The resource page includes videos, a side-by-side comparison of President Trump and former President Richard Nixon, and links to tweets and articles, including a list “Trump’s 9 impeachable offenses,” and a New York Times op-ed penned by Steyer titled, “Why Democrats Must Impeach the President.”

“As President Trump continues to accelerate his lawlessness, the new Democratic House majority must initiate impeachment proceedings against him as soon as it takes office in January,” Steyer writes in the piece.

“We cannot allow this to be an argument about what Republicans will permit — it’s about demanding the truth and protecting the foundations of our free society. Anything less would mean abandoning the Constitution.”

One video linked on the page and published by Steyer compares President Trump to dictators around the globe.

“What do Donald Trump and some of the world’s most prolific modern dictators have in common?” reads the video description. “Learn more about the similarities in their leadership styles, and what you can do to help save our country.”

Steyer has also released a new ad in which he urges incoming Democrats in Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings immediately. It has received less than 600 views on YouTube at the time of this writing.

Dan Lyman: