Bioethics Professor To The Unvaccinated: “We Cannot Allow You To Circulate Freely”

"You made the choice not to get the vaccine," she says.

Image Credits: cbc news screenshot.

Dr. Vardit Ravitsky, one of Canada’s top bioethicists and a policy advisor to dozens of politicians, recently said unvaccinated Canadians shouldn’t be allowed to “circulate freely” in society.

During a recent interview with CBC News, Ravitsky was asked if the government of Quebec should go further in its crackdown on the unvaccinated.

As of now, unvaccinated citizens of Quebec are not allowed to enter “non-essential” businesses such as liquor stores or marijuana dispensaries.

“I would say if you need access to food and access to medication,” Ravitsky began. “Grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies. Everything else that is not food and medications that you need for your health, at this point becomes, in a way, a luxury for you because you made the choice not to get the vaccine.”

She continued, “And, we cannot allow you to circulate freely and increase the burden on the healthcare system, because as you said, this means if I’m in a car crash, if I’m diagnosed with something else, I don’t have access to the hospital because it’s overflooded.”

The Université de Montréal bioethics professor, who also heads the Covid-19 Impact Committee for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation, did argue against taxing the unvaccinated for now.

Ravitsky said Quebec Premier François Legault’s threat to tax the unvaxxed should be a last resort option.

“I’m still in favor of incentivizing through public health messages, and honestly, Quebec hasn’t used vaccine passports to their full possible extent,” she explained.

In Ravitsky’s opinion, a tax on the unvaccinated will only make tensions rise.

“We’re seeing this already breaking up families, friendships — it’s really a very difficult moment that we’re living as a society,” she said. “Implementing a very controversial measure when we still have less controversial measures available to us, such as vaccine passports, seems to be misguided at this point.”

She also expressed concern over unvaccinated patients being denied medical access over their vaccine status, saying, “What scares me the most is the idea that has been mentioned [elsewhere] … that within the health care system, once patients arrive and they need care, even at that point, they will be prioritized or assessed based on their vaccination status.”

“You don’t want the public to think that public health measures are politically chosen to appease the angry, tired majority,” she added. “That’s not a reason for public health. If you think it’s the best one ethically and the most efficient one epidemiologically, fine, but not because the majority is upset. Everybody is upset right now for various reasons.”

During a past interview with the Times of Israel, Ravitsky pushed vaccines as the only way to get “back to normal.”

“Everybody wants to get back to normal,” she said. “As we get vaccinated and gradually drop the masks, there’s a risk we return to normal and forget this ever happened. I don’t want to go back to normal because, in many ways, normal wasn’t good. I want to build something better. If we revert to normal, we’ll miss a chance to come to terms with who we really are.”

“The number one reason is to incentivize, to encourage vaccination, by telling people, ‘look, you have a choice,”‘ she told CTV News earlier this week. “Of course, you have a choice: we’re not going to show up at your door and tie you down and vaccinate you. But if you make a choice, it comes with a price tag and the price tag is becoming higher and higher because your choice is creating a higher and higher risk for us.”

It’s a sad day for freedom when one of the top “ethics” authorities in Canada supports the medically-based segregation and penalization of millions of citizens.

Watch Ravitsky’s full interview with CBC News below:

Meanwhile, Canadian children with cancer who aren’t vaccinated against Covid are being denied treatment by the Ronald McDonald House.