Bizarre: Biden Claims ‘A Lot of People May Not Know What COVID Is’

Puppet president flubs, flails and wanders around G7 summit in embarrassing series of gaffes.

Image Credits: Leon Neal/Getty Images.

Joe Biden embarrassed himself and America on the world stage once again.

This time, it happened when Biden bizarrely claimed that “a lot of people” don’t know what the coronavirus is.

“…COVID is…well I know you all know, but a lot of people may not know what COVID is,” Biden told reporters Sunday at during a press conference at the G7 summit.

The press conference didn’t go so well for Biden, as he also appeared to lose his train of thought.

When asked about keeping in place some Trump-era sanctions, career politician Biden simply leaned into the mic and said: “A hundred and twenty days,” referring to his time at the White House.

G7 leaders even laughed in Biden’s face when he introduced the president of South Africa — who had already been introduced by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Biden’s entire presence at the G7 summit didn’t do America any favors.

This may help explain why Biden’s team canceled a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin this Wednesday in Geneva.

Joe Biden embarrasses America by looking old and weak on the world stage.