Bizarre: CDC Director Says ‘The Last Two Weeks’ Have Shown COVID Vaccine’s Effectiveness

If we just found out the vaccines were safe and effective, why did we give them to tens of millions of people?

Image Credits: @ThisWeekABC/Twitter.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky bizarrely claimed that the COVID vaccine’s effectiveness has really only been demonstrated over “the last two weeks.”

During a Sunday interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Walensky attempted to explain why the CDC decided to relax mask rules nationwide for vaccinated individuals.

“We have vaccine now, across the this country widely available for anyone who wants it,” Walensky said. “And we now have science that has really just evolved even in the last two weeks that demonstrates that these vaccines are safe, they are effective, they are working in the population just as they have in the clinical trials.”

Many on social media were shocked by the CDC director’s brazenly callous health messaging.

“If we just found out the vaccines were safe and effective why did we give them to tens of millions of people?” asked The Washington Beacon’s Joe Gabriel Simonson.

Walensky’s about-face on masks in just two weeks appears to be politically motivated to help Biden rather than based on science, according to The Hill’s Joe Concha.

“We were also told earlier this month by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky that kids aged two and up had to wear masks at outdoor camps over the summer. So, we’ve gone from that utterly ridiculous (and cruel) advice to, essentially, ‘Take your masks off and party like it’s 2019!’ in the span of two weeks,” Concha noted.

“So, what’s going on here? Could this decision by the CDC and fully supported by the Biden administration – whose members have sported masks outdoors and otherwise for months while fully vaccinated – have something to do with politics?”

“Of course it does, because it’s safe to say that the post-honeymoon stage for the new president is going excessively poorly,” he added, listing off the plethora of crises Biden created since taking the White House.

Walensky also botched a CNN interview struggling to address the CDC’s sudden mask policy change, claiming that vaccinated individuals actually probably shouldn’t remove their masks after all.

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