Bizarre Video: Actress Anne Heche Fights To Escape Body Bag After Crash – ‘Really, Really Strange’

Footage appeared to corroborate early reports that claimed Heche was in stable condition and expected to pull through following the crash.

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Disturbing footage has emerged appearing to show deceased Hollywood actress Anne Heche struggling to free herself from a gurney as she was hauled into an ambulance following a fiery crash Friday.

Before the accident, Heche, 53, was caught on tape after crashing into a garage. She sped off later to crash into a home in the Los Angeles suburb of Mar Vista.

Aerial photojournalist Stu Mundel reported on the crash scene from the sky as firefighters rushed to put Heche’s stretcher in the back of an ambulance when he captured the bizarre moment, prompting him to exclaim, “Oh my gosh, he’s completely alive! He was trying to get away,” mistaking the actress for a man.

Here’s another angle from the ground:

“Following the crash, her rep confirmed Heche ‘hasn’t regained consciousness since shortly after the accident,’” reported Fox News.

The footage appeared to corroborate reports in the immediate aftermath of the crash that claimed Heche was in a coma in stable condition and expected to pull through.

A representative for Heche noted she’d suffered anoxic brain injuries consistent with someone who’s inhaled smoke.

Soon thereafter, however, Heche’s condition took a turn for the worse as the New York Times and other media outlets days later reported she was in critical condition and officially “brain-dead.”

On Monday, she was taken off life support systems and perished.

The Los Angeles Police Department on Monday announced they would dismiss their DUI investigation following her death.

Interestingly, Heche was involved in an upcoming Lifetime movie titled, “Girl in Room 13,” in which she reportedly played a mother trying to find her child who was sold into an Epstein-like sex trafficking ring.

More on the film from The Epoch Times:

According to Lifetime, in the film Heche plays a mother in search of her daughter who fell victim to human trafficking, and “discovers the dark world of human trafficking and the shocking statistics about its widespread victims and its unexpected accomplices.”

As reported by The American Journal host Harrison Smith, Heche had also previously starred in a movie titled, “Toxic Skies,” in which a WHO scientist discovers an epidemic is being spread via atmospheric aerosol dispersion known as “chemtrails.”

Heche reportedly lived a troubled life, revealing in 2001 that her father, who later turned out to be living a double life as a homosexual, had sexually abused her and her brother. She was also in a high-profile four-year gay relationship with lesbian comedian Ellen Degeneres.

Infowars extends its condolences to Heche’s family.