Black Congressional Candidate & Former NFL Player Burgess Owens Calls “White Privilege” A Racist Term

'Don't you dare tell me my skin color makes me a victim'

Image Credits: Zach Gibson | Getty.

Former NFL player and current Utah congressional candidate Burgess Owens slammed those who use the term “white privilege” in a Twitter post on Monday.

“The most popular racist term today… ‘White Privilege’. Don’t you dare tell me my skin color holds me back. Don’t you dare tell me my skin color makes me a victim,” said Owens, a former New York Jet who is now running as a Republican in Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

Speaking with the Washington Examiner, Owens said, “I’m pushing back at the notion that the color of our skin defines what we’re able to accomplish. We do not all look alike, we don’t all talk alike, and contrary to the opinion of Joe Biden, we don’t all think alike.”

Burgess was referring to Biden’s recent gaffe where he told a black talk show host, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Owens continued to describe how he was raised to believe he could accomplish anything he dreamed of instead of being told he could never achieve his goals due to his skin color.

“I was born in a country where anything is possible,” he explained. “That gave me hope. That knowledge gave me the ability to chase my dreams. Now we constantly tell young men and women they’re a step back at birth simply based on the color of their skin.”