Black Mirror? Chinese Robotics Company Unveils Fleet of Robot Dogs

Social media users compare robot dogs to dystopian sci-fi series.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Unsettling video out of China features robotics company Unitree mass testing a large fleet of robot dogs, alarming many users on social media worried about an AI robot uprising.

The footage shows hundreds of Unitree’s $2,700 Go1 robot dogs simultaneously making the same movements, as researchers stand by observing the tests.

The video prompted the term “Black Mirror” to trend on Twitter, with users warning the robotic dogs are far too similar to those seen in the dystopian Netflix original series Black Mirror, which featured an episode where AI robot dogs hunted down dissidents.

The similarities were not lost on social media users.

Another user pointed out Unitree also has waterproof robots.

One user who described how to remove the robot’s battery pack was credited with saving humanity.

Will these robots help humanity, or are these high-tech robotic advancements hurtling us headlong into the dystopian future envisioned in science fiction?