Black Teacher Reveals Racist Black Lives Matter Gear Gifted to Her by District

Gift likely only handed out to black teachers shows radical leftist ideology seeped far into education system.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

A teacher at a school in California revealed she received Black Lives Matter-oriented gifts from her district as a result of her skin color.

In the video circulating on social media, the teacher displays a gift bag filled with various racist novelty items intended to promote the leftist Black Lives Matter agenda.

“My RACIST gift I got from my district for being a black teacher! Soooo baaaad!” she captioned her TikTok post.

“Last year I went to go pick up this gift from the district thinking maybe… I was already pretty insulted by it, but I wanted to see what it was.”

“In it was, of course, the ‘Black Educators Matter’ mask, which I would never wear in front of my students. Imagine if someone wore a ‘White Educators Matter’ mask,” she says.

“This is also a political statement by the way. Obviously black people matter, all people matter, all lives matter, but when you see this, this is a political statement. So if a teacher has a BLM mask, or flag, or something like that, obviously we will know what their political statement is, political beliefs.”

The teacher also shows a pin she received, as well as a sticker stating, “I love being black.”

The teacher, who admits she’s of Jamaican descent, also reads from a letter sent by the district which greets her using a traditional ancient African greeting.

She also shows a sticker autographed by various administrators containing the Black Lives Matter fist symbol superimposed over the continent of Africa.

“Honey bodywash,” she says holding up a bottle. “Right? Cause black people need honey bodywash – dry skin.”

The racist gift, which was likely only handed out to black teachers, shows how the radical leftist ideology promoting division has seeped far into the education system.

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