Black Woman Weeps While Walking Through Looted Store: “I Can’t Even Feed My Damn Kids”

'My momma can't get her medicine'

A woman walking through a looted store on the southside of Chicago wept as she saw the destruction of the business she went into hoping to get food for her children and medicine for her grandmother.

“I’m walking through filth like I’m an animal. I feel like a God damn sewer rat. None of this is cool, my momma can’t get her medicine. What is she going to do without her medicine?” the sobbing woman asked.

Continuing, she added, “I got babies who need formula. Everything is gone and y’all out here stealing formula and selling it for double the price.”

Next, the woman criticized the white people who came down from the north side to riot in the southside.

“Them white folks came all the way from the northside to help us fuck up our shit and we think it’s cool and we think it’s funny,” she stated.

Showing the damage done to the store, the woman said, “I can’t even feed my kids… look at all this shit on the floor.”

“There’s already kids out here not eating,” she told people with full carts in the parking lot. “I work my ass off every day. I didn’t come over here to steal no food off the floor.”

“What the fuck this got to do with George Floyd,” she asked. “I’m not saying nothing to nobody who’s running in these stores grabbing stuff because at the end of the day, people need to eat.”

The woman then described how a black man allegedly pulled a firearm and pointed it towards her and “five other black females.”

“And y’all sit up here really pretending y’all like did this shit over black lives. A black man who should be out there protecting me just pulled a gun out on me and five other sisters. Keep lying to yourselves talking about ‘this is about black lives.’”

“Just pulled a gun on me because I’m out here trying to clean up… to clean up what’s mine,” she vented. “Y’all so pro-black that y’all anti-black!”

“When the police pulled up, they didn’t pull no gun on me, but my ‘brother’ did!” she recounted. “You gone shoot me in broad daylight? I ain’t trying to here shit-else about police officers. You motherfuckers gotta do better. You motherfuckers are the reason I don’t wanna walk down the street, y’all. And yes, I’m talking about black people because that’s who I care about.”

“The grocery store is black-owned,” the woman added in the middle of her emotional rant. “The black owner and the black manager were out here today. How dare y’all support this?”

The stresses of dealing with these riots following the coronavirus lockdowns is tearing the country apart and this woman’s cry for help likely resonates with many Americans.