Blast From The Past: Italian Quarantine Brings Wildlife Back To Venice Canals

Without tourists and boats, waters are the most clear they've been in decades

Image Credits: Laura Lezza/Getty Images.

The world famous canals of Venice, Italy are reportedly the cleanest they’ve been presumably since the invention of motorized boats as a COVID-19 lockdown has cleared the waters of tourists and citizens.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ordered a country-wide shutdown earlier this month forbidding people to leave their homes unless going to work, a hospital or for emergency reasons.

Since then, for the first time since their invention, motorboats have stopped moving throughout the city’s waters.

It didn’t take long for Mother Nature to react to the newly cleared canals and for the first time in decades wildlife came back into the city’s waters.

A dolphin was photographed in the canal “for the first time in 60 years,” according to one Twitter user with another writing, “Water’s flowing through the canals of Venice is clear for the first time in forever. The fish are visible, the swans returned.”