BLM Co-Sponsors Anti-Cop MLK March To ‘Eliminate’ Capitalism

Lead organizer calls for 'abolition of police by any means necessary'

The California Endowment — a private health foundation with $3.3 billion in assets — has teamed up with the Sacramento chapter of Black Lives Matter and other anti-police activist groups, co-sponsoring a march next Monday to “commemorate the radical sentiment of Martin Luther King, Jr.” and “eliminate” capitalism.

Advertisements for the third annual “Reclaim MLK March” feature a mugshot of Dr. King taken after a 1963 arrest in Birmingham, Alabama, for leading a nonviolent demonstration. It reads: “Join us to march to eliminate racism and white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, heteronormativity, homelessness, poverty, fascism.”

The event is billed as a non-corporate alternative to another march taking place in Sacramento on the same morning, deemed to be too cop-friendly by many of the groups allied with Reclaim MLK, which is organized by local Black Lives Matter activists.

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