BLM Militants Destroy Mexican Family’s Birthday Party For 3-Year-Old

Image Credits: @BlessUSA45/Twitter.

Shocking video out of Texas shows a pair of Black Lives Matter agitators trespassing onto a Mexican family’s birthday party and destroying their property.

The Houston family had been celebrating their 3-year-old’s birthday when the BLM militants entered the apartment complex property to overturn their tables and chairs.

The mother described the assault in a now-deleted Instagram post, explaining that ultimately she was footed with the bill due to the destruction caused by BLM:

“This is what happened to us last night,” she began. “Minding our own business, they [BLM] had the audacity to start throwing our stuff. No one was bothering them, it was apartment complex property. Apparently they thought they owned everything. Cops came, nothing was done. Now, my family and all have to pay for the damages they did bc all those chairs and tables were rented.”

As of this writing, nearly $5,000 has been raised for the family at GoFundMe to help with their expenses for the damaged furniture. You can donate HERE.

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