BLM Protesters Crash Restaurants & Bars, Vow To “Ruin” Dinners

Image Credits: @SheldonHofstad5/Twitter.

Black Lives Matter is continuing its “woke” crusade across America, with groups in Seattle and New York crashing restaurants to “ruin dinners” in the name of racial equality…or something.

Footage from Seattle, Washington shows a BLM leader calling on followers to invade restaurants and bars to spread their message of warped identity politics.

“We are here to cause disruption,” a BLM militant yelled on Friday night. “I’m here to ruin dinners, to ruin happy hours, and everything about Black liberation and Indigenous liberation.”

“You guys can sit there and not even get up from your f*cking tables with your overpriced f*cking food,” she yelled at nearby diners. “You’re horrible, every single one of you.”


Similar BLM disruptions occurred in Rochester, New York on Friday, with BLM members demanding a bar owner “shut it down.”


BLM in Kansas City, Missouri, also raided a bar and harassed diners.

It remains to be seen if BLM’s “disruptions” will have any positive impact winning over hearts and minds to their woke cause.

However, it will likely have the opposite effect.

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