Blood-Soaked Men Terrorize Families With Chainsaws at Toronto Beach

Nightmarish scenes as chainsaw-wielding suspects prowl park in broad daylight

Image Credits: Screenshots | Facebook.

Two men have been charged after menacing families and bystanders with running chainsaws at a beach in Toronto, Canada, according to reports.

During a fight between a “large group of people” at Cherry Beach on Sunday morning, the suspects reportedly began prowling trails around the park with chainsaws.

Video footage from the scene appears to show both men bleeding from the backs of their heads.

“Encountered two man bleeding, carrying running chainsaws on my morning ride on the trail leading to Cherry Beach from Tommy Thompson,” said witness Valeria Laurin, according to blogTO.

“Let me repeat: RUNNING CHAINSAWS. Face to face with them in the middle of the trail… SCARY AF out of a fucking movie… WTF Toronto.”

Some eyewitnesses claim the men were “lunging at cyclists” as they moved about the beach area.

“I was running along the trail and saw two guys pick up chainsaws,” said one witness. “They were both bleeding, seems like they had attacked one another and were in rough shape themselves.”

Police responded to the scene and both men have since been charged, the Toronto Sun reports.

“I left the city two years ago because of the uptick in violence and insane levels of immigration,” Canadian journalist Jill Colton told Infowars. “Mayor John Tory has also been abysmal on crime. Under his watch in 2018 Toronto surpassed the homicide rate of New York City.”

“If you go on the Toronto Police Public Safety Data Portal you will see that year over year, shootings, homicides and auto thefts are up. This is crazy to think that even during the Covid lockdowns, these crimes are still higher than they were last year.”

Suburban Americans are showing up to beat down the Antifa myth.

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