Bodies of Child Migrants Found in Rio Grande

Children believed to have died during separate illegal border crossings

Image Credits: National Migration Institute.

The bodies of two children believed to have died during illegal border crossings were found in the Rio Grande by U.S. and Mexican authorities.

The National Migration Institute (INM) announced the tragic news that deceased children were found floating in the border river near Ciudad Acuña, which lies across from Del Rio, Texas.

In both cases, information obtained by multiple agencies was gathered to determine the likely identities of each victim.

On Thursday, U.S. Border Patrol agents informed Mexican authorities after discovering the body of a young girl whose clothing matched that of a child who had gone missing the previous week.

“The first is that of a girl of Nicaraguan nationality who on March 4 was reported missing in the tributary, which is why a search task was carried out by Grupo Beta in collaboration with state agencies, without finding her,” the INM explained in a statement.

Separately, firefighters from Ciudad Acuña located the body of young boy for whom they had been searching.

The child and his mother were swept away in a current during a recent family crossing. Only the father survived.

The woman is still missing, according to the most recent available updates.

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