BOMBSHELL: Silk Tells Alex Jones VACCINE SHEDDING Killed Her Unjabbed Sister Diamond

'It doesn't matter if you're vaxxed or not vaxxed. There's something called shedding going on out there from the vaccinated and this is based on scientific studies,' Silk told Alex Jones.

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Conservative commentator Silk, of the Trump-supporting duo Diamond & Silk, blamed “vaccine shedding” for her unvaccinated sister’s untimely death.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re vaxxed or not vaxxed. There’s something called shedding going on out there from the vaccinated and this is based on scientific studies,” Silk stated, enthusiastic at being able to spread the info free of censorship on The Alex Jones Show.

Silk’s testimony begins around the 3-minute mark in the video below:

“Diamond was not vaxxed. She was not vaxxed. But her body mimicked all of the adverse effects from a person that’s been shedded on from a vaccinated individual,” the bereaved sister related.

“You all saw her from the neck up,” she continued. “I saw her from neck down and how her body was riddled with blood clots.”

“I know on the death certificate it states that the immediate cause of death is unknown, but it also has a place on the death certificate where it asks what was the last known disease…. that she was being treated for, and her doctor lied and put something about hypertension heart disease.”

“After going through my sister’s medical records I do not show where she was being treated for heart disease,” she said. “My sister was being treated from thrombosis, from pulmonary embolisms, from blood clots. And she had the type of blood clots that would not go away with [prescription blood clot medications].”

Admitting her sister had issues with blood clots years ago, Silk added those issues “went away” with medication.

“She wasn’t bothered with blood clots for a whole 14 years up until 10 months before she passed away.”

Over the past few years, various medical experts have blamed shedding for miscarriages and blood clots in unvaccinated individuals.

A study last year by researchers at the University of Colorado confirmed people vaccinated with mRNA Covid injections indeed spread antibody particles to unvaccinated people through aerosol transmission – a fact that had already been confirmed in confidential Pfizer documents.

Silk previously commented on her sister’s death during a memorial organized by Donald Trump in January, in which she remarked it was part of an inexplicable trend of people dying suddenly requiring an immediate investigation.

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