Border Agents Bust Over 400 Illegals at 23 Stash Houses in One Month

Smugglers caught cramming illegals in houses packed without any COVID-19 precautions

Image Credits: CBP Chief Morgan / Twitter.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents have smashed human smuggling operations at nearly two dozen stash houses in the past month alone.

Some 432 illegal aliens have been captured during the enforcement raids, according to acting CBP chief Mark Morgan.

“In Laredo Sector, we continue to shut down unsafe stash houses,” Morgan tweeted along with photographs from recent round-ups. “In 1 month, CBP & our partners have dismantled 23 stash houses, apprehending 432 illegal aliens.”

“The conditions in these houses were awful—packed full without any COVID-19 precautions, increasing the risk of spread.”

The majority of the illegal migrants were identified as Mexican nationals, with others hailing mostly from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

During a single week at the end of July in Laredo, Texas, over 150 illegal aliens were apprehended from four stash houses, including back-to-back busts of more than 50 migrants at two separate locations.

On August 11th, Border Patrol agents took down three stash houses across Laredo in a matter of hours, capturing 35 illegals in the process.

In many cases, CBP officers work in conjunction with local law enforcement, conducting ‘knock-and-talk’ inspections at residences where human smugglers may be hiding illegal aliens.

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