Border Agents Detaining 2,400 Families Daily, Over 25 Percent Are Fake

Shocking figures revealed as migration crisis worsens

Image Credits: David Peinado/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

Border authorities have released stunning new data indicating that agents are detaining some 2,400 families every day, while discovering more than 25 percent of family claims are fraudulent.

U.S. Border Patrol chief Carla Provost also revealed that tens of thousands of migrants are being released into the interior of the country due to overloading of federal agencies and current asylum policies.

“In April, Border Patrol apprehended an average of over 2,400 families and children EACH DAY and ICE & HHS lack the capacity to keep up,” Provost tweeted. “Because of these capacity issues, USBP has had to directly release more than 33,000 people since March 19.”

“I informed Congress today that our apprehension numbers are off the charts. As of April 30, we’ve apprehended over 460k people on the [Southwest Border]. Only 7 months into the fiscal year & we have surpassed the TOTAL southern border apprehensions of every year since 2009!”

“I testified that for the first time in Border Patrol history, nearly ½ of the adults we caught in April brought children,” Provost continued. “Migrants know single adults will be detained, but that if they bring a child, they will be released. Congress must address these vulnerabilities.”

Meanwhile, Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Matthew T. Albence has sounded the alarm about adult migrants and human traffickers exploiting children in order to game current family asylum laws.

Albence told Breitbart News that Homeland Security Investigations teams have been deployed to audit family claims in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

“The results have been staggering thus far,” Albence said. “In just a couple of weeks, we’ve interviewed 256 family units and identified 65 fraudulent families. Almost three out of every ten families we’ve interviewed have become fraudulent.”

“Within the first week of the operation, we found a little seven-year-old girl from Guatemala, her mother rented her three times in the past year to be brought here to this country so that the adult can be released.”

Albence explained that children are regularly brought into the U.S. and then trafficked back to their home countries to be “recycled” and used again to escort more unrelated adults across the border.

“If they changed the laws to allow us to detain these families as a unit together for a short period of time as we go through the immigration process, this would almost stop,” Albence asserted.

“It happened before when we set up family detention in 2014-15 the numbers plummeted. The same thing would happen again.”

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