Border Agents Encounter Nearly 150 ‘Child Migrants’ Among Massive Groups of Illegals

More than 500 illegals captured in three groups over another busy weekend in RGV

Image Credits: U.S. Border Patrol.

Border agents apprehended more than 500 illegal aliens, including nearly 150 ‘child migrants,’ in three large groups in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) in recent days, authorities say.

Massive, coordinated mobs of illegals continue to arrive in South Texas on a near-daily basis.

“RGV agents encountered 3 large groups of migrants in Starr and Hidalgo counties over the weekend that totaled more than 533 apprehensions,” RGV Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings wrote on social media on Tuesday.

A total of 145 “unaccompanied children” were found to be traveling in the groups.

The migrants were identified as citizens of Cuba and a variety of countries in Central and South America.

More than 15,000 illegal aliens in over 100 large groups have been caught by RGV agents so far in Fiscal Year 2022, which began on October 1.

“The logistics required to transport and process groups of this size continue to place a strain on manpower and resources, as often they are encountered in desolate areas often inaccessible to large transport vehicles,” Customs and Border Protection explained in a statement this week.

“A group of more than 100 migrants is considered a large group.”

Chaos unfolds constantly along the Texas-Mexico border, as Infowars regularly reports.

Americans are being deliberately deprived of food and energy as part of the Globalist Great Reset.

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