Border Apprehensions Plummet

Acting CBP chief praises Trump administration

Image Credits: John Moore/Getty Images.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has released border apprehension figures that reveal a drop of over 70 percent since the migrant crisis reached a crescendo in May.

The agency carried out 42,649 apprehensions in November, in sharp contrast to 144,116 just six months ago.

Total apprehensions of inadmissible foreign nationals have fallen every month since May.

Additionally, the number of family units entering from Central America has been reduced by over 85 percent in the same time period.

“Do not put your lives in the hands of smugglers. They are lying to you,” acting CBP chief Mark Morgan said in a press conference held to discuss the latest enforcement numbers.

“The era of catch and release is done. Coming to this country with a child is no longer going to be a passport in the United States. That is done.”

Morgan praised the Trump administration for its role in stemming the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S., along with cooperation from the governments of Mexico and Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador).

“I think where the credit really belongs is with this president and this administration because of the focus and initiatives that organizations like CBP and our partner agencies have implemented, and has caused those numbers to go down,” Morgan told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade.

“Mexico has stepped up in unprecedented ways, as well as the Northern Triangle countries, to collectively — with the United States — see this as a regional crisis,” Morgan said.

“Mexico has absolutely stepped up their interior enforcement operations and their southern border operations, and they are helping us with other programs like MPP [Migrant Protection Protocols], as well. It absolutely is working.”

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