Authorities Arrest Two Convicted Murderers Near US Border

Illegals apprehended in separate incidents

Image Credits: John Moore/Getty Images.

Border Patrol agents arrested two convicted murderers present in the United States illegally, the agency announced.

The apprehensions of the men occurred during separate incidents in Texas, just three days apart.

Both were identified as Mexican nationals with violent criminal histories.

“Wednesday, agents from the McAllen station arrested a Mexican national, later identified as Jose Mendez-Hernandez near Havana, Texas, as he entered the United States illegally,” Customs and Border Protection explained in a press release. “Record checks revealed, a prior arrest and conviction for murder by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Office. Mendez-Hernandez received a sentenced of more than 20 years in prison for the murder charge.”

“Saturday morning, McAllen agents apprehended Jaime Cantu-Leal, a Mexican national, near Mission, Texas. Record checks revealed that Cantu-Leal was arrested by the McAllen Police Department in 1994 for murder. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 18 years confinement.”

Other recent Border Patrol actions of note include the interception of multiple tractor-trailers trafficking 56 illegal aliens at border checkpoints in Texas.

On Nov. 8th, agents at the Interstate 35 checkpoint discovered 29 individuals from Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador concealed in a trailer.

On Nov. 12th, an detection canine at the Highway 83 checkpoint near Laredo alerted agents to the presence of 27 individuals from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras hidden inside a trailer.

The trucks were seized by Border Patrol and the drivers and illegal aliens were placed under arrest.

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