Border Patrol Ejecting Illegals In Minutes Under New Crisis Rules

Agents operating quickly after Trump admin cuts red tape

Image Credits: John Moore/Getty Images.

Border agents are taking an average of just 96 minutes to deport illegal aliens they apprehend under new federal rules implemented due to the coronavirus crisis, according to reports.

Illegal migrants from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries of Central America – El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras – are now being processed “in the field,” and quickly sent back into Mexico, the Washington Post reports, citing multiple anonymous officials.

Over 85 percent of migrants being taken into custody reportedly fall into the aforementioned category.

Authorities are no longer obligated to arrange medical screenings for illegals, significantly speeding up processing protocols.

“The goal is to minimize the exposure to the alien, agent and our country,” a Customs and Border Protection official said.

While Mexico says it is evaluating returnees on a “case by case” basis, U.S. officials assert that Mexican authorities are accepting virtually all deportees who come from the four agreed-upon countries.

“U.S. authorities say the goal of the emergency model is to reduce the number of detainees in U.S. custody and minimize the risk of spreading infections across border stations and throughout immigration jails,” the Post reports.

“The emergency measures did not initially apply to unaccompanied minors taken into custody after crossing the border without a parent. But U.S. authorities said some underage migrants also are eligible for expedited deportation to their home countries.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is actively warning migrants not to attempt the journey to the US border, as they will be immediately deported if caught.

“Our message to those seeking to cross our borders illegally during the coronavirus pandemic is clear: Current restrictions mean you will be expeditiously sent back,” DHS recently tweeted.

“You will not be allowed to stay in the US, so don’t risk your health and the health of everyone along your way.”

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