Border Patrol ‘Overwhelmed’ by ‘Avalanche’ of Illegals

Thousands of illegal aliens 'bum-rushing' U.S. border every day

Image Credits: Stringer/picture alliance via Getty Images.

The U.S. southern border is being swarmed by an “avalanche” of illegal aliens just weeks into the Biden administration, according to reports.

Over 3,000 migrants are being apprehended every day, while thousands more are reaching U.S. soil without detection.

“We’re already being overwhelmed. We literally have so many people coming across that we don’t have enough agents to catch them,” a Border Patrol official told the Center for Immigration Studies. “They’re just bum-rushing the border. Probably three-quarters of them are probably getting away.”

“It’s like each station is only allotted a certain number of agents hired and, even if we had the maximum, it’s not enough to stop the groups.”

The official says migrants have become emboldened to engage in physical confrontations as they gain the upper hand through sheer numbers.

“Someone must be spreading the word to be able to fight with agents. They’re getting much more brazen and assaultive,” the agent explained. “They know we’re overwhelmed and the word has gotten out.”

“As long as they send a giant amount of people out they’ll get through. We see it every day. We’re seeing vehicles on the [Mexico] side like cattle trucks, high-backed, deuce-and-a-half trucks just racing down the road dropping people off in different areas, and they’re like, ‘Go!’”

Activists working in shelters in Mexico are raising alarms about the “avalanche” of migrants from around the world making their way towards the U.S.

“The situation could get out of control. We need a dialogue with all of the authorities before this becomes chaos,” said Gabriel Romero, a priest who operates a shelter in southern Mexico.

Current trends indicate over a million migrants could reach the U.S. border this year – on record.

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