Border Patrol to Shut Down All Sector Checkpoints as Migrant Border Bridge Detention Camp Swells to 10K

Image Credits: PAUL RATJE/AFP via Getty Images.

A law enforcement source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) tells Breitbart Texas that the unfolding Haitian migrant crisis is forcing the agency to shut down normal operations at all inland Del Rio Sector Border Patrol highway checkpoints.

Staffing typically reserved for inspecting thousands of vehicles daily will be diverted to assist with the care, transport, and processing of 10,000 mostly Haitian migrants currently detained under the Del Rio International Bridge.

According to the source not authorized to speak to the media, the shutdown will begin at 12 am local time on Friday and last until an orderly process to deal with the migrants at the makeshift camp is established. The immigration checkpoints are the last line of defense for the Border Patrol.

In addition to a brief citizenship inspection at the checkpoints, Border Patrol deploys K-9s trained to detect concealed humans and narcotics. Non-Intrusive backscatter X-ray inspections of vehicles are used to scan for concealed cargo as well. Radiation detection equipment is used to look for radioactive materials.

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