BRAZIL: Man Who Raped, Murdered 10-Year-Old Girl ‘Quartered and Burned’ by Angry Mob

Law enforcement unable to protect alleged rapist

A man accused of raping and murdering a 10-year-old girl was pulled from a local police station by an angry mob before he was torn apart and burnt.

According to local reports, the man, who was identified as 28-year-old Ronald Gomes Borges, provoked a mob of enraged vigilantes who overpowered local law enforcement when news spread of his alleged crimes.

The vigilantes “invaded” the local precinct to break out the alleged rapist and murderer before setting the police building ablaze.

Borges was taken to the town square of the small Brazilian Amazonas municipality of Fontes Boa where he was “quartered and burned.”

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Videos of the suspect’s burning body parts were uploaded to local news sites.

Tires used to burn the body were placed in front of the ransacked and charring police station.

During the riotous incident, an unidentified person was shot.

According to local military police, extra policing was deployed in the community to ensure no further violent spillovers occurred.

Fonte Boa, the municipality where the vigilante killing took place, is around 600 kilometers away from the Amazonas province capital and major city, Manaus.

This isn’t the first time National File has reported on a gruesome crime from Brazil.

Last year, it was a revealed that a lesbian couple tortured a young boy for years before removing his penis with tweezers and attempting to create a vagina with the unskilled use of crude tools without medical supervision.

After prolonged abuse, the boy was stabbed to death by his mother and her partner.

The boy’s body was torn apart to discard evidence of the brutal killing.

The boy’s father and the authorities had reportedly attempted to track the boy down for several years, citing concerns of the mother’s parental abilities.