Brazilian President Bolsonaro Says He Refused Covid Vaccine Because of Natural Immunity and Possible Side Effects

'Today you see people who have taken the third, the fourth dose of the vaccine and they still contract the virus and die,' Brazilian president tells Tucker Carlson.

Image Credits: Fox News screenshot.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says he refused to take a Covid jab because he’d already acquired natural immunity, and was also wary of possible side effects.

Speaking with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the South American leader outlined his thinking process before making his decision not to take the experimental mRNA jab, saying he didn’t need it after acquiring natural immunity following infection.

“When the virus hit strongly in March 2020, people began to seek out the vaccine, of course, against the virus and I sought medication because we began to see cases surging.”

Someone who contracts the virus like I did, the vaccine doesn’t help. You don’t take a vaccine if you’ve already been contaminated. The vaccine would be innocuous. You should rather take the medication.”

“In Brazil, I studied the issue. I called other countries including sub-Saharan Africa and Brazilian doctors, physicians, because there were people out there who either did not catch the virus, or when they did catch the virus, the virus was not strong enough to send them to the hospital or kill them.”

The Brazilian president also discussed how the mainstream media attacked alternative treatments and early treatment protocols and instead singularly promoted the vaccine, possibly to the detriment of the Brazilian population.

“In Brazil we saw the emergence of two medications that began to be used widely. I myself took them when contaminated, but the global pressure all over the world from the media outlets, from the pharmaceutical companies, they were all against the early treatment. They focused on the vaccine.”

Additionally, Bolsonaro claimed he was wary of taking the jab after pharmaceutical companies sought immunity from liability of any side effects arising from use of their products; however, legislators in his country proceeded to grant the pharmaceutical giants immunity.

“I read, too, Pfizer’s contract and one of the clauses said, ‘We shall take no responsibility whatsoever from any side effect arising from the vaccine,'” he told Tucker.

“I became concerned about that…and Congress in Brazil decided to vote and pass a piece of legislation saying that Pfizer, or any other pharmaceutical company would not take responsibility for any side effect arising from the vaccine.”

Bolsonaro says he was furthermore concerned by the US FDA’s admission that several side effects could arise from taking the jab.

“We also had information including from the US FDA that several side effects are likely to emerge this year or next year in the foreseeable future,” he said.

“The concern mentioned by many doctors was that people who were infected by the virus were already immune and did not have to take the vaccine. That was my case, that’s why I didn’t take the vaccine.

Despite purchasing vaccines for fearful Brazilians, Bolsonaro says he did not impose vaccine mandates because he values individual freedom.

“I did purchase vaccines for all Brazilians. I did not demand that people be vaccinated. I respected individual freedom. Each one was free to vaccinate or not. I believe that about 20% of the Brazilian population decided not to take the vaccine.”

Bolsonaro says he dug his heels on the issue after being pressured by the opposing party in his country to take the vaccine.

“The left was so worried about taking me out of office that they wanted me to take the vaccine, and I said, ‘Well let me die – just let me die then and choose my policy.'”

The president puts the blame of many deaths that occurred in his country squarely at the feet of the mainstream media for demonizing early treatment protocols that could have saved lives.

“And based on the studies we have outside of brazil many deaths could have been avoided had there not been so much pressure on the part of the mainstream media against early treatment,” he said.

Bolsonaro also discussed sending a team of experts to Israel to investigate and possibly purchase a nasal spray treatment that was appearing to be effective, however, that deal never materialized.

“I was highly criticized and we weren’t able to make progress in that negotiation,” he said.

Later studies suggested nasal spray treatments were highly effective against Covid-19.

“Last month, a large Brazilian company published a news article indicating nasal sprays are currently a very successful solution against Covid today,” he said.

“You are technically allowed of course to take an experimental vaccine which was the case in the past, but not the nasal spray?” he rhetorically asked Tucker.

Asked why the Brazilian congress would allow Pfizer and other Big Pharma companies to have liability protection from side effects of their own drugs, Bolsonaro said it was a mistake he regrets and that alternative treatments may have saved many lives in hindsight.

“The population was appalled, they were desperate and afraid of the virus especially the elderly population that also had some sort of disease or comorbidity – as a result of which, Congress decided to pass a law to that effect. We regret it really because today in hindsight we see in studies conducted outside of brazil that perhaps two-thirds of deaths could have been avoided in Brazil and in the world.”

He went on to discuss how in the past the efficacy of many drugs was discovered by accident, and explained this could have been the case with ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, however, the pressure from pharmaceutical giants was too great.

“I mean take Sub-Saharan Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa, they take ivermectin to fight river blindness as well as hydroxychloroquine to fight malaria and because the number of deaths was very low and the HDI was pretty low – the lowest in the world – the natural conclusion was that those medications could somehow also help fight the virus and the effects thereof.”

“We regret the pressure that took place and perhaps due to the economic power of pharmaceutical companies they went on and invested in vaccines. And today you see people who have taken the third, the fourth dose of the vaccine and they still contract the virus and die.”

“In Brazil a considerable portion of the population did not want to take the boosters. I understand that to be their right. I support individual freedom,” he said.

“As I said before we are sorry we regret all the deaths, but I believe many deaths could have been avoided through early treatment.”

Bolsonaro told Tucker he believes the virus emanated from a lab in China, and chastised other world leaders for using fear of the virus as a means to impose lockdowns and other tyrannical measures.

“It would seem that Covid has proved to be of interest for many people in the world. Many heads of state ended up imposing their will and they felt a taste of dictatorship,” he said, adding that several Brazilian officials also imposed tyrannical mandates without any accountability whatsoever.

In this age of tyrannical vaccine mandates, it’s indeed refreshing to see a world leader who is not afraid to express his sentiments toward the experimental jab, and who respects individual freedom.

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