Breaking: Hunter Biden Files Countersuit Against CPU Repairman Who Turned Over Laptop From Hell

Does this mean it's his laptop and the contents are legitimate?

Image Credits: Marco VDM / Getty.

Hunter Biden on Friday filed a countersuit against computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac, who Hunter left three of his infamous laptops with four years ago.

Mac Isaac handed the contents of the devices over to the New York Post ahead of the 2020 presidential election after witnessing what he thought were national security threats on the computers.

Biden’s challenge is a counterclaim to a Mac Isaac’s lawsuit filed against Hunter Biden, CNN, Politico, the Biden campaign and Rep. Adam Schiff (R-Calif.).

The repairman’s lawsuit alleges the parties defamed him by publicly claiming he “illegally” accessed the devices.

In response to the news of Hunter Biden’s countersuit, journalist Glenn Greenwald noted, “The obvious premise is that the laptop was real and it came from that store – the exact opposite of what all corporate media claimed for the 2020 election:”

It’s also interesting timing for the countersuit to make headlines just a day after the GOP House Committee on Oversight and Accountability revealed shady bank exchanges between a Chinese energy firm and Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden & an anonymous Biden.

The entire Biden crime family is running scared as the awakening masses begin to have the veil pulled from their faces.

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