Updates: Mass Shooting at Walmart in El Paso, America’s Safest City

20 killed and 26 injured, according to police

Image Credits: @emilnivantha/Twitter.

UPDATE 6: El Paso police have told media reporter Mike Ikahihifo that the attack was “gang-related terrorism” — however they are now saying they do not yet know the shooter’s motive.

UPDATE 5: An eyewitness has claimed she saw 3-4 shooters dressed in black. El Paso PD has said they apprehended 1 suspect, and that the scene is no longer active.

UPDATE 4: Photos of the shooter have been released, showing a young adult white male with hearing protection entering the Walmart with a rifle.

The left has also begun circulating the shooter’s alleged identity, named Patrick Crusius, and a manifesto he had written similar to the Christchurch shooter Brendan Tarrant.

UPDATE 3: Lt. Governor Dan Patrick warns Antifa, who planned to bring violence to the El Paso border patrol next month, not to come to Texas in light of the shooting.

Antifa responded on Twitter that it intends to take “full advantage” of the tragedy.

UPDATE 2: El Paso Police are holding a press conference to explain the details of the shooting, and have declared the imminent threat is over, with one suspect in custody. According to local reports, 18 victims were shot and killed.

UPDATE: Police responded Saturday to reports of a mass shooting at a Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, with at least 18 people shot and 1 killed.

The El Paso PD issued a tweet warning that the scene is still active.

ATF agents are en route to assist the El Paso police at the scene of the shooting, and multiple videos have surfaced from inside the Walmart during the attack.

Witness Ray Holgin told CBS News that he was about to go into the Walmart when he heard at least 10 gunshots, and said he thought he spotted at least two people with guns. He also said he saw an elderly lady fall to the ground, but it is unclear if she was shot.

Video from social media shows the scene is still active with first responders working diligently. Volunteers have also showed up by the hundreds to donate blood to the victims.


A photo from Twitter shows someone lying on the ground in Walmart with blood trailing from them.

Democrat 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has cancelled his campaign events and traveled back to Texas to address the incident.

The cowardly masked terrorists calling themselves ANTIFA have picked their next target, and are publicly planning to attack the American border in Texas.