Breaking Update! Foreign Material Contaminating Japanese Moderna Jabs A “Substance That Reacts To Magnets. It Could Be Metal.”

How many other batches have been contaminated?

Image Credits: Peter Zelei Images | Getty.

Following a Wednesday report that over 1.6 million doses of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine were contaminated with a foreign material in Japan, the nation’s health ministry now says the unknown substance may be a magnetic metal.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare asked Wednesday that clinics across the country to stop giving people the Moderna jabs until an investigation was done.

Moderna allegedly promised to conduct an investigation into the issue after a request from the Japanese pharma company in charge of distributing the Moderna jabs, Takeda.

However, on Thursday, a ministry official said the foreign substance found in the “vaccines” reacts to magnets and may have been metal.

“It’s a substance that reacts to magnets,” a ministry official said. “It could be metal.”

Could this be related to strange videos going around online over the past year showing recently vaccinated individuals sticking metal objects to their injection sites?

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