Brett Favre Slams Politicized Sports – Fans Just Want To Watch The Game

"I want to watch all the important parts of the game, not what’s going on outside the game"

Image Credits: youtube screenshot.

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre expressed his dislike for the current politicization of American sports during Sunday’s edition of The Andrew Klavan Show.

Former Fox host Eric Bolling, who co-hosts the “Bolling With Favre” podcast alongside the legendary signal-caller, joined the Klavan podcast as well.

When Klavan asked Favre if he’s surprised at how political sports have become in the ten years since his (final) retirement, Brett said, “Yeah, I think both sides, for the most part, want to see it just remain about the sport, not about politics. At least that’s my interpretation.

“I know when I turn on a game, I want to watch the game,” he continued. “I want to watch the players play and teams win and lose and come from behind. I want to watch all the important parts of the game, not what’s going on outside the game. I think the general fan feels the same way.”

Next, the host Andrew Klavan mentioned the current racial tension in America and sought to find out if Brett’s NFL teams had any racial division in the locker room.

“Absolutely not,” Favre answered. “In fact, that was sort of our protected space if you will, where we could kind of let our guard down. We were in something together. We fought together. We won together. We lost together. And we, we truly were a family. So yeah, to answer your question we absolutely didn’t have issues. I don’t know what issues, if any, in the locker room that they’re facing now other than what I hear, or assumptions. So, if there are problems within the locker room, that’s too bad.”

Continuing, Favre and Klavan touched on the MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Georgia, NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, President Trump and much more.