British Funeral Director: COVID-19 Deaths Were Inflated, Mass Vaccination Came Before ‘Huge Explosion’ In Death Counts

John O'Looney joined the Stew Peters show to talk about what he believes will be a genocide scenario in the near future.

Image Credits: Stew Peters Rumble Screenshot.

Speaking to host Stew Peters on the Stew Peters Show, British funeral director John O’Looney claimed that COVID-19 deaths are being inflated, and that a mass death scenario in the near future will be blamed on coronavirus variants.

John O’Looney, a British funeral director, claims mass vaccination could lead to a large spike in deaths that allows governments to call for more restrictive COVID-19 policies, including COVID-19 quarantine camps like those seen in Australia and elsewhere. “It’s called the advocate method,” O’Looney told Stew Peters.

“The vast majority,” of those who receive one of the controversial vaccines, “will suffer no effects, and they are then your advocates for the vaccine. The 15 [percent] that become sick and ill become your COVID patients, and your COVID deaths, and they were very, very clear about warning us these vaccines are not 100% effective, weren’t they?” According to Red Voice Media:

He says that he repeatedly saw people labeled as COVID deaths, even if they died of natural causes, of terminal cancer, or being hit by a car. All COVID deaths.

He says it is his belief that thousands of elderly people in the U.K. were euthanized with the sedative Midazolam and then labeled as coronavirus deaths. But he also says that overall in 2020, the death rate compared to past years was about the same, or even down.

He did see a huge explosion in deaths, but it wasn’t in 2020. It was in early 2021, and it happened almost the moment mass vaccination began. Then, from April through the summer, he says it was one of the quietest periods he’d ever seen. There weren’t enough deaths to keep the lights on.

Now, he says the death rate is rising again. And the people coming in, he says, are from all age ranges. They aren’t just old people. The causes of death, he says, are heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, and multiple organ failure. Almost all these people, he says, are vaccinated. He saw a man, a barber, who died at age 23 just after getting the second shot.

O’Looney went further, claiming that coronavirus vaccine deaths are becoming increasingly common, suggesting that the vaccine “advocates” are unknowingly sending people to their deaths. He added that multiple experts have told him that “in October, November and December, a terrible death rate, globally” will occur “exclusively” with vaccinated people. “Those deaths will be labeled swiftly as a new variant strain of COVID,” he said.

The United Kingdom funeral director also warned of mass civil unrest following this mass vaccine death scenario, noting “that’s exactly they want, because that’s the excuse they need to bring in martial law.” O’Looney added, “Once they bring in martial law, they will go door to door then, and force vaccinate or take people off to internment camps,” he concluded, “That is what will happen.”

O’Looney is known for running Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in the United Kingdom, and was featured in articles and news reports during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “A funeral director fears bodies could be left at hospitals because relatives cannot afford to instruct him during the coronavirus pandemic,” wrote the BBC. “Milton Keynes-based John O’Looney said Britain’s ‘lockdown’ had “affected every aspect” of his industry.”