British Muslim Convert Pleads Guilty to Planning Terror Attack

Convert linked to infamous UK-based Islamist

Image Credits: SOPA Images / Contributor / Getty, Barcroft Media / Contributor / Getty.

A British Muslim convert pleaded guilty to planning a terror attack involving him ramming a truck into a crowded London street with the intent to kill “nearly 100.”

Lewis Ludlow, 27, wrote notes detailing ideal times and locations he would use a truck to ram into pedestrians, according to evidence recovered by local surveillance teams.

“Crowded London Areas: Oxford Street – long road with no bollards or barriers preventing a van mounting the pavement,” wrote Ludlow. “Busiest time is between 11 am – 12 pm with Saturday being the busiest day.”

“[I] should either use a ram attack or use the truck to maximize death. It is a busy street, it is ideal for an attack. It is expected nearly 100 could be killed in the attack.”

Ludlow, who is autistic, reportedly converted to Islam when he was 16 after years of bullying.

Not long after that, Ludlow attended demonstrations by Islamist Anjem Choudary where he allegedly felt “accepted.”

Choudary is infamous in the UK for his radicalism and was arrested in 2016 after being linked to 15 terror plots dating back over 20 years as well as encouraging Muslims to join ISIS.

Islamist Anjem Choudary (Photo by Barcroft Media / Contributor via Getty Images)

Choudary was released early from jail in 2018 and is considered “genuinely dangerous” by government officials familiar with him.

“[Choudary] was not given a sentence of enormous length but is somebody who is a genuinely dangerous person,” said one official. “Even if [Islamists like Choudary] are not themselves making bombs, they are a completely pernicious influence on the people they come into contact with and they need to be kept away from them.”

On another note, a newly surfaced ISIS directive was released imploring wannabe jihadists to engage in “the technique of the run-over.”

“Trust in Allah, you do not need to complicate… you do not need to look for materials to make a bomb, nor look for weapons, you do not need any of that, the technique of the run-over is devastating and simple, nobody can detect you,” reads the message according to PJ Media. “When attack[ing] remember that the first moment is the most important, and this is because when you start to run over the other people understand that it is an attack and hide so you must try to hit with all the force at the first moment and with the goal of getting the most deaths possible.”

“Think that this road has no return, you will not go back, think that when you leave your house for the attack you will return to your home but in your house in paradise, where Allah has prepared it for you, Alhamdudillah.”