Bronze Jeffrey Epstein Statue Found In Albuquerque

Figure of dead Democrat pedophile mysteriously appears in front of city hall

Image Credits: @RebeccaKRQE/Twitter.

A bronze statue of deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico on Wednesday.

Pictures from local media show a bronzed statue of Epstein placed in front of the old city hall.

An epitaph below the statue described Epstein’s twisted background, and said: “He had a home in New Mexico, Zorro Ranch. He was also a rapist who died in prison.”

It then listed dozens of open cases against him by accusers, and credits the creation of the statue to a group called the Antlion Entertainment “Art” Collective.

KOAT Albuquerque reported that the statue appeared to be guarded by an armed man before it was removed, and that city officials were looking into how the Epstein statue got placed in front of the city hall.

As we reported, Epstein owned a vast New Mexico compound 55 miles from Albuquerque he called Zorro Ranch, which was believed to be another redoubt for powerful associates like the Clintons, Bill Gates, and others in academic and entertainment circles to visit in addition to his Caribbean “Orgy Island.”

Zorro Ranch was the place Epstein wished to “seed” the human race by systematically breeding hundreds of women to create a superhuman race.

Epstein died under mysterious circumstances in the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center, where he was found with a sheet wrapped around his broken neck.





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