“Burn Balenciaga” – Bryson Gray May Have Started A Trend With This New Song

The people are revolting against the establishment's twisted obsession with evil imagery

Image Credits: bryson gray.

Activist and hip-hop artist Bryson Gray posted a music video to his YouTube page on Tuesday, this song focusing on the recent scandal surrounding the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga.

The new track, “Burn Balenciaga,” calls on people around the world to do set fire to their Balenciaga gear in response to the company’s connections to highly disturbing artwork depicting pedophilia, cannibalism, torture and Satanism.

“Why burn it?” Bryson asks. “Simple really. It hurts their brand. They already have the money that we spent…so we can’t hurt them that way…but we can influence others to never wear or buy from them again. That matters a lot more. I like fashion…and to be honest, They had my favorite shoes, and I’m very particular with shoes….but we have to take a stand against wickedness in any way we can.”