California Democrats Introduce Bill To Lower Age Of Consent To 12 For All Vaccines

The once-great state is collapsing

Image Credits: MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images / Contributor.

A pair of Democrat state senators from California put forward a bill Thursday hoping to lower the age of consent for FDA-approved vaccinations from 18-years-old to 12.

The politicians behind SB 866 are state Senators Scott Wiener and Richard Pan.

Wiener bragged about the legislation on Twitter, writing, “Unvaccinated teens are at risk, put others at risk & make schools less safe. They often can’t work, participate in sports, or go to friends’ homes. Let’s let teens protect their health.”

Wiener told the Associated Press, “Giving young people the autonomy to receive life-saving vaccines, regardless of their parents’ beliefs or work schedules, is essential for their physical and mental health. It’s unconscionable for teens to be blocked from the vaccine because a parent either refuses or cannot take their child to a vaccination site.”

Continuing to explain and defend his controversial proposal, Wiener noted that his state’s laws already allow children ages 12-17 to access HPB and hep B vaccines as well as abortions.

The ignorant politician fails to realize allowing 12-year-olds to get abortions without the parents’ knowledge isn’t something to brag about.

Wiener wrote that teenagers “shouldn’t have to plot, scheme or fight with their parents to get a vaccine. They should simply be able to walk in & get vaccinated like anyone else.”

Many people likely wonder what else these Democrat politicians think teens should be allowed to do without parental consent.

Will they soon push for allowing twelve-year-olds to drive, smoke, drink, fight wars and have sex with whomever?

Further showcasing the strange rationality behind those who support this far-left legislation are the encouraging comments Wiener received on his Twitter page.

One person said the legislation is “good” because it “isn’t for some experimental treatment.”

However, the Covid jabs are still by-definition totally experimental.

The Twitter user also wrote, “Forcing young adults to submit to fringe medical beliefs is weird and gross,” without a hint of irony.

Another Wiener follower thanked him for the legislation, complaining that a friend of her child was not able to get the shot before she turned 18 due to an “anti-vaxxer” mother.

A woman claiming to be a mom and a scientist also thanked Wiener for his work on the proposal.

San Francisco Public Health Director Grant Colfax also reportedly supports the bill.

A photograph taken during a press conference announcing the bill summarizes the two-tiered world of Democrat politicians as an unmasked Senator Wiener stands beside a pair of masked children asking for the right to inject themselves with experimental jabs without parental consent.

Wiener was also behind California’s 2017 legislation lowering the criminal charges for people who knowingly spread HIV/Aids to sex partners.

It does seem strange that a homosexual man with a phallic name wants to reduce the penalty for purposely spreading a deadly sexually transmitted disease while also attempting to create a slippery slope regarding the age of consent, but that’s none of my business.

Watch the full press conference announcing the legislation below: