California Psycho: Street Art Slams Cali. Gov Newsom’s Tyrannical Lockdown

Art posted throughout Los Angeles blasts coronavirus overreach

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Street art popping up around Los Angeles blasts California Gov. Gavin Newsom over his state’s tyrannical lockdown orders.

In one illustration, titled, “California Psycho,” created by street artist Sabo, Newsom is depicted as American Psycho‘s fictional protagonist Patrick Bateman.

In another piece titled “Gruesom,” put up near Hollywood Blvd’s Dolby Theatre, Newsom is portrayed as a reptilian shape-shifter wearing human skin stretched over his face.

“They want us to all wear masks,” Sabo said in comments to Breitbart. “How fitting, because they wear them all the time.”

Yet another piece shows a still frame from Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with a mask superimposed over one of the characters in a key scene.

Responding to the shut down of skate parks and beaches, Sabo also created small signs reading, “Come and take it,” emblazoned with images of a skateboard and surfboard that appear similar to road signs.

The work is representative of Sabo’s art collective “Unsavory Agents,” which routinely churns out mocking politicians and popular culture.

Currently, California is in phase 2 of the governor’s plan to slowly start reopening the state, with no dates currently set for when phase 3 or phase 4 will take place.

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