Canadian Dairy Farmer Exposes Government Scheme To Hike Prices, Destroy Millions Of Gallons Of Milk

More proof globalist governments are intentionally inflating food prices

Image Credits: twitter screenshot.

Ontario, Canada farmer Jerry Huigen posted a viral video this week calling out his nation’s socialist government for forcing dairy farmers to waste perfectly good milk so prices can remain high.

He started by explaining his farm was “over their quota” as determined by the government before noting people could be using the excess product he’s forced to dump.

“I dumped 30,000 liters of milk, and it breaks my heart,” Huigen told the camera as he showed gallons of milk being poured down a drain.

The dairy farmer also told the public the government keeps Canadian milk at around $7 per liter because the producers “have no say anymore” and the state makes them dump the extra milk.

“This time I’m going public. I want the people to see the pain that us growers have of 365 days, as a little boy we grow up on a dairy farm, came from Europe, work, work, work,” he said.

According to the National Post, “Ever since the 1970s, Canadian dairy farmers have been subject to a state-sanctioned cartel that artificially limits supply in order to drive up prices and ensure profitability for farmers.”

Several prominent Canadians shared and commented on the viral video:

This is only the beginning of the Great Reset food shortages that will take place in the near future as the globalists have openly warned.

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