Canadian Govt CENSORS YouTuber After Top Sniper Spoke Out For Being Fired Over Vaxx Refusal

Sniper on world record-holding team let go after refusing to comply with mask and Covid jab mandates

Image Credits: The Shawn Ryan Show screenshot youtube.

A recent interview on the popular YouTube channel The Shawn Ryan Show caught the attention of the Canadian military, which sent the content creator a letter requesting the video be removed from his page.

Ryan, a former Navy SEAL, CIA contractor and CNBC contributor, had posted a video where he talked to former Canadian sniper Dallas Alexander who was fired by his nation’s military for refusing to take a Covid jab or comply with mask mandates.

According to the YouTuber, the unit’s letter alleged sensitive information was revealed during his discussion with Alexander.

While Ryan assured his audience he’d never want to endanger any member of the Canadian military, he explained Alexander is under the impression the cease and desist letter was retaliation for him speaking out.

Ryan pulled down the original interview with Alexander to work with the sniper team to remove the supposed sensitive information before re-uploading the version posted above.

In the re-edited version of the video made to the satisfaction of the Canadian sniper team, Alexander explained how his nation started pushing woke ideology like sensitivity training on troops instead of enhancing their military skills.

When Covid-19 hit, the Canadian government threatened to kick Alexander out of his unit of 14 years unless he took the jab.

Next, he received administrative punishments for failing to wear masks and was eventually removed from the military completely for refusing the shot.

The former Canadian military member also said several other people he knew left or were fired from the armed forces over similar issues.

This conversation is a great example of how the establishment will discard individuals who lay their lives on the line at a moment’s notice as well as how some of the best warriors from around the world are being purged from their militaries.

It’s not only the militaries being purged as soon, the only people working in police forces, medical facilities, schools and other key occupations will be those who comply with the state’s every word.

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